body-shaped demon


Taken from an unassuming life as a construction worker, Clarke Wilmarth enters a new world when he inadvertantly bears witness to an execution. Thinking it’s a matter of ordinary crime, he begins to pry deeper, until he realizes not everything is what it seems. Curiosity killed the cat, after all.


this vine is better than all of paranormal activity

vance is so sexual around people he finds attractive but around people he has romantic feelings for he’s a baby lol

reincarnatedkoifish: Yooo!!! That gifset of Vance is awesome!

Thanks so much dude!! >u< it took like 2 days to learn how to use the program lol but now i’ve finally figured it out. making those things is sooo fun ahaha~

I did it.

I did the emofuri thing.

I want to make the whole wod cast


Hey guys! I’m in a little bit of a sticky situation right now with money, so I’m reopening commissions to try and make some extra cash. I am now offering chibi commissions!

If you’re interested, send me a note on deviantArt, or email me at!

I only accept PayPal, and I use a ‘pay before’ policy where I will need full payment before I begin working on the commission. Be sure to include references of the character you want, and any specifications for their pose! If not, you give me full privilege to draw them however I think is best.

I’ll be working in batches of 5, so first come, first served!

Thanks a lot for looking!



youre gonna look so godamn cool

that made me feel so much better holy hell

Title: "You don't want to end up like HER."

Artist: Llama

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another commission, done!


3/5 charm illustrations done! i’m sorry these are taking so long guys >m<);;;;;

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